Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming into New York

In the kitchen researching for the doctorate
Stage 6
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010
(I may add a small glint in
her eyes, but may not...otherwise
this is it. Now she can get her
doctorate, and then that's another
painting -- don't you think?)

Before visiting New York City this time I had only been
to the city once before. The driver then was a manic
depressive relative on a manic day, so we saw a great
deal in the 15 hours or so that we were in the city.
Needless to say we were both incredibly excited to be
back after such a long time.

Here are my first impressions:

Coming in for a landing at
LaGuardia, the skyline is
in the background, and already
we're very excited.

Taxiing around the runway on landing we
were greeted with this sign.

Driving across the bridge on the airport shuttle
we felt like we were in every movie and TV
show we'd ever watched. And the experience
continued. Everywhere we looked we felt
like we were seeing a set, a work of art --
each image was significant and packed with
memory and thought. New York actually lives
in all of our psyches in the modern world
whether we know it or not.

More to come in the next few days. Meanwhile back to the easel.

Have a doing-what-you-do-best day.


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for sharing these pictures! How very exciting... my husband and I have been to New York...we took the train in from Providence, R.I. when we were visiting my sister almost ten years ago! It is a city like none other. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

Nicki XO

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Thanks so much. I love the painting you posted recently. It's been a bit hectic around here, but when things settle down I want to comment -- you are great. Yes it was so incredibly exciting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
I think that's a wonderful natural dreamy mood you have captured here in the PHD girl. I also like the patterns formed by the background, forground elements. Nice job.

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