Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The odd thing about travel

Toronto through the car window. Love you Toronto.

So as excited as I am about leaving town today, and if
I find a way to post, I'll add to this little note, there's
some things about travel that intrigue me. When
we're heading out to Nova Scotia in the summer,
it takes us a whole day to pack -- so that we never
actually get out of town before the evening.

Usually we're heading to Ottawa to see my mother
first, and she optimistically has dinner on the table
at a reasonable hour. But by the time we arrive,
hours later, she's eaten and reheats our delicious meal
in the microwave.

I am so pumped about going to New York. It is
without a doubt one of the most exciting things
to happen in a long list of exciting events.
But as I leave, Toronto looks more beautiful than
ever -- and I'm a fan full time. It looks so green,
flowery, friendly. And leaving makes me realize
how much I love my friends here, and the people
I deal with in my art group, and at school. Such
great people in every aspect of my life. I feel
a tug towards them. I'm like a mother leaving
a young child, though in fact my children are
grown and heartily independent.

So here's to you the beautiful Toronto, and
here's to you the fantastic New York, and to
everyone from all the other places I know
I'll visit one day.

Have a seeing-your-home-with-new-eyes day.


eldon warren said...

It's still not as green here as it is in Toronto. The trees are just getting that spring green haze on them.
Have a great time in N.Y. I hear it's a wonderful place full of wonderful things to do and has some of the greatest eateries on the planet. Keep us posted if you can.

Melinda said...

Whew! It's great to see your blog online again!

Travel is fun, but home...? Ah, soothing comfort after all of the excitement of the big city, yes?

Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing about your adventure.

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