Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter walks and spring fever

 Zoey waiting in line
Quick sketch
Black marker on bond paper
12 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2011
(You are probably reading this on
Sunday which is Zoey's birthday.
For a few years now our
joke has been that we were taking
Zoey on Letterman to do her
"stupid dog trick" which is
singing happy birthday.
Of course she barks it.  But
on Steven's birthday without prompting
she came upstairs from her bed in
the basement in front of the
TV and barked out Happy Birthday
while the rest of us sang.
So just the mention of her
birthday today got her singing and
got her an extra cookie before the
actual birthday. She is seen here
waiting for the day.  In line. (drawing).
In actual fact she kept moving about every
three seconds making it difficult to
capture even the quickest of 

We took the dog for a short walk today -- a hazardous
pursuit.  I had my icers on, but Steven slipped and
slid over the icy path in regular boots.  Yesterday it
was around 11 degrees Celsius here or 51 Fahrenheit.
That's warm for winter.  The streets were flooding,
the sun actually felt warm on the back porch, and
then Bam!  The temperature took a nose dive, high winds
tore through the city, and just for good measure it
snowed, covering the promising patches of newly
exposed grass.  The result of course was ice everywhere.
Very few people took the risk of walking (those
who did wore icers like me.)  This meant the park was
almost empty except for a few dogs and some crazy
robins trying to rush the season.  Yep.  Spring is coming.
But March in Ontario can be a doozy.  So we
have to be flexible to play it either way.  I do love
February, but March holds the first day of spring.
Can't wait.

Have a-staying-flexible-and-liking-the-day day.
P.S. Happy Birthday to Zoey and to Ziggy her
sister.  Zoey we love you and we thank you for
being the greatest dog ever!!!!!


Nicki said...

I love this line drawing. So simple. So perfect.

In two weeks I will be on a plane heading home after what I know will be a fabulous weekend because I will have met you! I am beyond excited.

XO Nicki

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

I can hardly sleep, paint, draw I'm so excited. I shot a video about it today -- funny, but can't figure out how to rotate it in Imovie, and don't have Quicktime 7 for Mac. What to do?

It is so funny. I'm in a formal in the woods! Ah well.

We wanted to invite you for dinner, but you leave on Sunday night? Ahhhh.

Email me.


Anonymous said...

the simplicity of this line drawing reminds me of Picasso's line drawings. it's beautiful.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Sally,

I was hoping for that. I had to draw Zoey about ten times, because she kept moving -- how naughty. I think the real reason is that the mat is too small for her, and she could not get comfortable. Then our cats would come one by one, vying for the mat, and lick her to upset her further. So I'm glad I finally got something.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Agree Barbara, that's a wonderful drawing, totally spontaneous, the value all in the line. Love Zoey's barking happy birthday. That is so cute. As to the weather I think you have it much tougher in Ontario than we do here. I'm already feeling some Spring in the air some days. We all need a break from winter.

Karen Bruson said...

Love the simplicity of this, yet it says it all.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks so much. We seemed to be in constant entertainment mode on the long weekend, and I'm taking forever to catch up. Love your current mystical paintings.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much. Your portraits and interiors are amazing.


Róisín O'Farrell said...

Hi Barbara,

I am in love with this line drawing. So Matisse! So free and yet not over worked. Love it. Róisín

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