Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy weekend and Earth Hour

 Today's paper
marker on notebook paper
6 x 9 inches 
Barbara Muir © 2011
(My Saturday morning ritual is to
read the paper in bed -- so the lacy edge
on the right side of the drawing is
my pillowcase).
I worry that you'll read my last night's
post and think that I am wallowing in despair.
No as a matter of fact I'm going to spend earth
hour with my good friend and fellow artist
Marcia Labelle and her husband David Cohen.

Steven and I will bring the candles to light for Earth Hour.
Thinking about the whole Earth can bring you
down right now, especially when it's been
reported that the water off the coast of British
Columbia is now showing higher levels of

But I also know from living through hardship
in the past, and from reading about many people
who have lived through terrible trouble, that we
need to stay strong and happy in order to be able
to make rational choices and affect change.

So there will be lots of laughter tonight, and political
discussion (Canada is on the verge of a federal
election).  And there will be candles.

I may not be able to post that often in the next
couple of weeks.  It is both the end of the semester
with mounds of essays and tests to mark, and a huge
time in terms of art to prepare for a number of
shows.  So if I don't manage to fit in writing here
during that time, you'll know that I'm busy, and I
will get back to you.

If I can keep writing and showing you my work
during this intense time, I will, because you mean
a lot to me.

Have an enjoying-the-beauty-of-the-earth day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara, Congrats to you hunkering down for earth night! On my own last night, i have to admit that i passed some time watching a little telly, another library art doc to keep me company. And by the way i wasn't put off by your previous post, and i agree with your views on nuclear energy. its scary.

Linny D. Vine said...

Right back atcha, Barbara (happy creating...paint like wild!)

Kay Christopher said...

You mean a lot to me, too, Barbara. Thank you for all of your writing and sharing your beautiful paintings on the web. It is always a special treat to visit your web site.

Liza Hirst said...

I wish you all the energy you need for your busy life at the moment, Barbara! And - I can't get enough of your wonderful, skillful drawings!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks so much. I think if I'd been alone I'd be watching TV too. I'm glad you agree. Night after night there are experts from the industry claiming that the situation is Japan is admittedly dangerous, but not at all harmful to human health.

Funny that in Germany they're holding huge protest marches asking for their nuclear power plants to be shut down, and Italy hasn't used nuclear power since Chernobyl.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linny,

I am painting like wild. Not wild paintings really, but a lot of energy thinking about and acting on my thoughts. You inspire me.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kay,

Thanks so much. I am a bit squeezed for time right now, but I find I really miss blogging when I skip a day or too. I'm happy that you enjoy my work. You've made my day.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

I can't get enough of your wonderful paintings. They tell the story of some incredible months by the ocean. So lovely.


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