Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The cure for a broken heart -- Hockey blues

 Sean's Garden #2 (work in progress)
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2011
(This one is almost done, I added some
sunlight, and may work a bit more on
definition. Sean's Mom bought the
smaller one, and I told Sean I'd
work on a larger one from a
different view.)
Canada is hockey crazy -- you have to know that
about us.  I am not a sports freak (please forgive me),
but it's hard not to notice that the rest of Canada is.
Tonight was going to be Vancouver's big night --
Stanley Cup fever was rampant, and the Canucks
lost to Boston.  It looked like fans in Vancouver were
going crazy, overturning cars, lighting fires.  But now
people think it wasn't hockey fans, but a few drunk
teenagers.  Still people were depressed.

So here's the cure Canada -- leave the insane crowds,
go home and take a walk with your dog.  Even I got a
bit excited today. I was afraid to watch the game, and
Steven had to turn it off when Vancouver was losing.

But let's get back to painting.  Sometimes a painting
doesn't work, or doesn't work right away -- and the cure
is exactly the same.  Take a walk.  If you've got
a dog who loves to walk so much the better.  You
can look like a nutter walking along the street
talking to your dog, but who can understand your
problems with colour and composition better than
your walking companion.  And when you get to
the really sad part, the dog will take a refreshing
bathroom break. (Don't tell me that's not social
commentary -- after the 15th pee break, you know
there's a message there somewhere.)

I thought of this the other day.  My painting is actually
going well, and I'm in great spirits.  I've been lucky
only to have conversations with people who are
cheerful, kind, funny and supportive.  I feel
genuinely blessed.  But I know that when I don't,
when I'm feeling like Vancouver must feel tonight,
a walk under the lovely silver moon, passing by glorious
peonies wafting out their subtle perfume, seeing the
pattern of trees against a deep blue sky, the big dipper
in pepper spot stars.  It lifts your spirits.  So for
one last time Go Canucks Go!  For a walk.  There's
always next year. 

Have a going-out-to-smell-the-flowers day.


Anonymous said...

hi Barbara, yes i agree with the cure for a broken heart! a good walk will do anyone good...or a bike ride, or a jog etc etc. the really unfortunate thing is fans weren't burning cars in Vancouver. That was planned and carried out by hooligan idiots. shame it made Canadians en masse look like sore losers in the eyes of the world! I like your 'Sean's garden'.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

I just found that out today. I guess I can change the post. But I know people on this side of the country who were very upset.

Love your recent paintings and postings. Talk to you soon.

XO Barbara

Mikko Tyllinen said...


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Mikko,

Thanks for your sweet comment.



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