Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm walking on sunshine

 Pam in New York
36 x 48 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Barbara Muir © 2011

(One year ago today I finished this painting. 
Thinking about the work I'm planning to start
tomorrow -- this painting, which I haven't seen since
it went home to Chelsea, Québec, is on my mind. I was
very happy with the final result -- a beautiful painting
of a truly gorgeous and talented woman.)

There is a thunder storm happening right now and
I only realized it was happening because my dog
started shivering and shaking.  Earlier I was dancing
in the kitchen with the cat to the song "I'm walking
on sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves.  She likes that
quite a bit, but protests in her talkative Siamese way. 
So I put her down and she stands at my feet while I continue
to dance for a minute, and then I swoop her up to hang over my
shoulder again and the whole dance starts over.  (Too
bad Pam, the dancer in the painting couldn't have been
here to improve our steps.)

The truth about Fiona the cat is that she loves music, dancing
to it, listening to it, and on the piano and keyboard in
my son's room, playing it.  So does my other cat Timbah.
He loves being held while we dance -- fast or slow -- it
doesn't matter.  I often think we underestimate the
intelligence and understanding of animals.  Zoey the dog
just proved it -- because she's right it is thundering,
but our house is so brightly coloured inside that all
I do on gloomy days is turn on the lights.  She's right
though.  It's thundering and my neighbour's deck is
soaking wet.  Whenever this happens Steven and I
joke with one another and say, "I watered the garden,
you don't have to water."

Later:  The rain dried up, the dog and I went for
a walk.  And at the end of the walk as we went up
the hill in the park we were graced with a spectacular
sunset.  We were "walking on sunshine."

Have an enjoying-the-animals-in-your-life day.


Melinda said...

I loved Katrina and the Waves. And, I love your work and your art attitude. I can see you from here shining brightly. I admire your drive and dedication. You are a force of nature. Go forth, dear happy artist, and walk the beauty way--in the sunshine! Best wishes always. Virtual hugs.

I'd be nice if you could spare us a few raindrops....:-)

Kim Rempel said...

Barbara, I remember this beauty and am happy to see it again : ) I think the dress is KILLER! Happy Tuesday!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Thank you so much. I love Katrina and the Waves too. We can certainly spare you some raindrops. We had double the normal rainfall in May. Lots of flooding in some parts of the country.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

It is an especially great dress, especially as the real dress was all black and only went to the knee. But it was also a super dress, and Pam was so elegant my imagination ran wild.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

So fun to revisit this painting. It is wonderful and I would love to see it at full scale. That is one lucky lady.

XO Nicki

Liza Hirst said...

Wonderfully written, Barbara!
Like Melinda I can see you dancing in your kitchen and walking on sunshine.
Beautiful text and beautiful painting!

Linny D. Vine said...

katrina and the waves takes me back...what a great song!! You and your paintings dance on sunshine, Barbara!

cohen labelle said...

Barbara - you are the quintessential poster child for mirth and frivolity and you most definitely could have a second career as a lyricist, too! I can definitely imagine you singing in the rain as well as dancing in the sunshine, come rain or come shine!!!
I love this portrait - you've captured the dancer's body, lithe and supple behind the gorgeous gown. great work!!
love, Marcia

Nancy Laliberte said...

Another awesome painting (I must have missed it the first time around) and writing! Love your blog, Barbara :-)

Mikko Tyllinen said...

gorgeous painting! love the mood and details! Very beautiful!

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