Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anniversary weekend, and super friends

Steven with me inside the Love sculpture by Robert Indiana at
6th Avenue in New York City in May
A lovely day today in Toronto, I have been thinking about
Melinda Esparza making her way to the edge of the
Grand Canyon and wishing her this clear, blue sky and
the gorgeous puffy clouds she paints so well.  Isn't it
wonderful how we artists have created a network of
delight and support?  This hits me again and again.
Yesterday I was worried about a long list of trivia,
and a large yellow envelope arrived in the mail from
an artists, my "New Best Friend in New York" Rashmi,
who always signs her letters that way and gives me a
laugh.  She does not use the internet, or have a computer,
and what a treat it is getting a letter.

She told me that she had tried Mike Dooley's whoop
exercise and seen her first rainbow in NYC in 3 years,
a double rainbow.  I immediately did the whoop
exercise myself.  Are you ready?

Stand up (if you can), put your arms in the air, whoop
like you just had the best news in your whole life,
cover your face because you're so excited you can't
hold your joy in, whoop again with your hands over
your head, put your hands on your chest, shake your
head because you're so astounded with joy, and say
out loud, "You won't believe what's happened."  I
learned this from Mike Dooley at and it
is so amazing what happens if you try this little
exercise once every so often.  Huge things happen,
wonderful things happen -- that's why I'm sharing it
with you.  My life has absolutely taken off into a
level of joy I couldn't have imagined since I learned
to do this.  No.  I'm not crazy, I'm the sanest person you
know.  And no my life isn't perfect.  People in my
family and intimate circle have serious health issues,
I do experience deep sorrow and loss, and even so...
So give it a try.

Love to you -- it is the weekend of my wedding anniversary
 and believe me I feel like whooping when I think of
the wonderful life I've been having with Steven.

Have a whooping-it-up-and-having-huge-fun day.


Liza Hirst said...

Another lovely post! Happy anniversary to you and Stephen.
I tried the whoop exercise - waiting now....

Laurel Daniel said...

ADORABLE PICTURE!!! Congrats to BOTH of you. Life is grand - whoops all around! XOXO

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Don't wait, just keep going. Whoop again like something great has happened. It will. It does.

Your paintings are wonderful.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

Thanks so much. That sculpture was across from our hotel. Last year it was under a construction cover, and this year beside a construction fence.
Still people crawl inside it for photos over and over. Maybe next year Love will be free from construction. Life is great and so are you.


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