Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flourishing in the light

 Daffodils in the kitchen (final version)
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012

The other day an artist quoted someone talking about
how creativity could be harmed by too much praise.
  I know I've talked before about the backlash to
positive thinking idea going on now.  But I know legions of
grown ups raised with faint praise because of a common
fear in their childhood years that complimenting
children would "go to their heads" and they would
become insufferably conceited.  This generation of
therapists are certainly working hard to counter that
whole generation's insecurities.  In short cutting out
kindness and praise for children does not make them
feel great.

Too much praise.  I have never seen that
in my lifetime.  In my experience as an artist, and
teacher, acknowledging how much we appreciate
one another's small deeds, and great talents helps all
of us to flourish.  It makes us feel seen, needed,
-- yes okay, even special.

This little painting of daffodils goes along with
this thought because the models for the painting
were gorgeous -- well taken care of, and secure in
their beauty.  Plus they were generally praised
every day. 

Have a praising-everyone-possible day

P.S. This painting is currently available at the
Gallery at the Porch Door.  If you are interested
either contact Sally Chupick at the gallery, or
 email me, and I'll let Sally know.  (You can see
the painting in the background in the photo of the
 gallery in yesterday's blog.)

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