Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kim Rempel's Glorious Abstracts

 Kim Rempel with two of her super new abstracts 
at Gallery M in Cambridge
 at the opening tonight.
You're not supposed to jump up and down in an art gallery,
a rule I had to remind myself to follow tonight.  Why?
I've been following Kim Rempel's progress with her new
series of abstract paintings with both great curiosity and
pleasure.  Her photos on her blog are wonderful.  But in
person her paintings are pure dynamite.  I could have
happily spent hours staring at them, and most definitely
wanted to whoop with joy at their beauty.

 In these paintings Kim used her materials in an exciting
way.  Paint was thin, and then thick and in places she had
drawn with charcoal right over the paint leaving a deliberate
line, and sometimes a fainter more tentative line for the
viewer.  All of the abstracts are a cohesive unit -- looking
like bright pieces of colour, jewelry, or space creatures,
forming, shifting moving under the direction of their
expert creator.

Luckily Steven was there and the other guests at Kim's
opening in a group show at Gallery M in Cambridge,
Ontario, Canada tonight.  So I tried to control my
enthusiasm.  But if you happen to be in Cambridge
check out her work, and read more about it on her
blog: Eat, Drink, Paint.

Kim and I met through blogging, and showed together
at the International Women Celebrate show at Ayrspace
in Ayr, Ontario in 2011. She did not know I was
coming to the show and was happily surprised (I think)
when I arrived.  Happy smiles all round.
Two bloggers at the opening.

Have a seeing-the-great-things-your-friends-are-doing day.


Pam Holnback said...

What a great post! I follow both of you so this was fun to see!

Melinda said...

Thank you for taking us along! What a fun night out that must have been. You look fabulous, my dear. Lovely work too.
Virtual hugs!

Kim Rempel said...

Yay! That's what I thought when I saw you and Steven walk in! What a great surprise! I can't believe you had the energy to blog when you got home - I crashed into my bed. Thank you so much for coming to support me, for your enthusiasm and your glowing review. *YOU* rock.

Anonymous said...

That must have been fun. I also love Kim's abstracts, they are so luscious.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it. I hope we meet at one of these openings one day. That would be so much fun.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Thanks so much. I'd been up so late the night before. I'm glad you think I look great. I pulled on my gallery opening dress, and we headed out.

So worth it. I love Kim's work. In person it was just thrilling.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

I was so excited I might as well have had 10 cups of coffee. Your work is so beautiful. Amazing. It was your show so of course you were tired. I get that. It's a lot of effort and you live a long, long way away.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

They are and multi-dimensional, and hugely varies in painting techniques on the same canvas. So great.

It was fun, and Cambridge is a pretty town.

XO Barbara

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