Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Loving Friends Day in the Month of Change

Summer Collection
Watercolour and pen on Canson paper
10 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir ©
I decided to post a watercolour sketch I found in my files that's
clearly from the height of summer -- peaches and nasturtiums.
The best. I know this is an August scene, but that will when I
get my true vacation this year, so I can dream.

This is a great day to celebrate my friends, and a wonderful
group of them, who try to get together, work permitting
to meet on Tuesdays.  What a stellar group!  People who inspire
me, who are kind to me, who teach me so much, and who
attend my shows, and buy my art!  I mean.  But most of
all they care for me, and I care for them.  They are there in
good times and bad.  So Happy Tuesday!

Today the talk focused heavily on the environment.  People
are worried about air pollution, and climate change trauma that
is happening around the world.  I know the olive crop is
threatened in Italy.  But this group can bounce back from
worry, and encourage one another.  Spring is coming.  The
gardeners here are excited.  There is a look of hope and promise
in their eyes.  Before we know it, this group will want to sit
outside for their meetings, but not today.  Very cold, and snowy.
All hope is for a world of solutions, answers, changed behaviour.

Spring is afoot, and change is happening!

Have a loving your friends day!


cohen labelle said...

This painting has a glow to it, a harbinger of more to come, so lovely.
Xo, Marcia

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Marcia,

And speaking of artist friends to love in the Month of Change.
Wow eh? Big changes this year. Thank you for the love.


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