Friday, March 29, 2019

More thoughts on Winter in the Month of Change

The real winter
5 1/2 x 8 inches
Black marker on drawing paper
Barbara Muir © 2019
(Dirt and potholes are a fact
in Canadian winter.)
For the most part I loved this winter.  Let it be known
that I am really good at luxuriating in any possible
hint of nothing to do.  I am not the snow shoveler
here, although I did break up some ice one day
briefly.  I did go walking with my icers on a few times,
and kept them in the car.  But if winter weather means
I either have to stay in and paint, or read my book, or
talk to friends on the phone -- I am happy.  An artist
friend in the Netherlands and I concluded that that may
be the most surprising fact about us.  Despite serious
difficulties from time to time, in her case serious
health issues, we like to laugh and have fun.  Yes.

Steven and I took a trip to Ottawa for Valentine's
Day. And it was an eye opener (always good for
an artist).  Most of the way up the 401 to Kingston
most towns had far less snow than Toronto.  But then
we turned off the highway to head to Ottawa, and
the snow got steadily deeper.  And in Ottawa
it was much, much more dramatic than in Toronto.
But everyone there just dressed appropriately, and
their streets were clean! Unlike ours.

The snow banks heading up to my brother's place in
Chelsea, Quebec were not pristine white, but grey and
pitted, and filled with grime from the roads.  We painters
don't show that side of winter.  But I drew a little sketch
of it here.  The thing is -- even dirty, icy snowbanks
are attractive to an artist, because the snow looks like
sculptures made by some other world force.  Cool in a
way. (Actually very cool!)

Have a remembering both sides of winter day. 

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