Thursday, March 28, 2019

So sorry to hear our dear friend Marilyn Fancey is gone!

At the farmhouse
14" x 16"
Barbara Muir © 2006
I opened Facebook tonight to see a goodbye note from our
dear friend Marilyn Fancey.  She said that if we were reading
this she had died. I couldn't believe it.  I just saw her in August.
Marilyn and her husband Ian were the first people in Nova Scotia
to befriend us and welcome us into their home.  We loved visiting
them, and because they were so kind they sold us furniture at crazy
low prices from an antique shop they ran in an outbuilding on the
property of their lovely farm house.

Our kids loved visiting them.  Christopher and Sam would watch
TV (we didn't and still don't have a TV at the school house),
and we'd play cribbage with Marilyn and Ian every single
visit.  They were amazing at it and we were not, but we had
so much fun.

Both Ian and Marilyn were folk artists, and showed every year
until recently in the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival.  One of the
first gifts Ian gave us is a folk art wooden shovel painted with
a picture of our family mowing the lawn and playing
ball on the grass outside the school house.  It's a piece we've
cherished ever since.  

I did this watercolour back when my kids were young.  They appear
in the farmhouse window behind Ian and Marilyn and their dog

We are so sad, and heartbroken for Marilyn's children Lori and Steve
and Marilyn's husband Ian.  Thank you Marilyn for all the love you
gave to us every summer for more than 20 years.  We will miss your
wonderful laugh, your great sense of humour, and your kindness.

Have a loving the friends you love day.


Candy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost such a lovely friend.

Jennifer Hinrichs said...

So sorry to hear this too. What a sad time for her family, and all who loved her. I remember Marilyn and Ian well from my visit to you in Pugwash. They were so welcoming and kind. You will miss her so much - I'm sorry for your loss.
Sending love, Jennifer

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Candy,

We are very sad. Marilyn and Ian were two of the people we looked forward to
visiting every summer.

Thank you,


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Jennifer,

I'm so glad you met Marilyn and Ian. They really helped us get set up in
Pugwash in so many ways. And they were so kind and social with us.
They called us the bats because we were always busy doing things with
the kids, and would come over to visit them after 8 p.m. Loved them.
Ian is still there, and we will visit him this summer.


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