Monday, October 21, 2019

A good night for memories -- showing in the Louvre

Left to right Marnix, Rolf Leemeijer, Miranda Brouwers, Hugo and me.
in front of my painting Dream Selfie -- Wonder Water Image #7 
in the 2016 Carousel du Louvre exhibition
Tonight is a big one here in Canada.  We've just had a federal
election, and all of the TV stations are talking about nothing
else.  Plus I taught tonight, which was wonderful, but when
I came home after 10:30 I just wanted to relax.  Yes I voted,
and the candidate I voted for won, so that is good news.

I am loving doing the Inktober drawings for you, but
practically speaking today it just wasn't going to happen.
So one of the things artists need to do in addition to moving
forward, trying new things, learning and loving life, is to
look back on the amazing things that have already happened.

Showing in the Louvre with the EA Editore team the first time
was amazing.  The second time in 2016 was so fun it would be hard
to match the great time we had.  My friend Miranda Brouwers,
who I met when we both exhibited at the Florence Biennale,
was in Paris too, and in the same show.  Plus she brought her
family with her, and Steven and I got to hang out with her
husband Rolf, and sons Marnix and Hugo. It was the best.

That trip makes me yearn for Paris and Europe and my friends
there. So here is a fantastically wonderful art memory.  Thank
you to everyone who made it happen, and thank you to my
collectors who bought the work I exhibited there as soon as
I returned.

Have a loving your memorable times day.

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