Thursday, February 13, 2020

Love's lessons -- worth learning -- Happy Valentine's Day!

A Valentine's Day card for you from me

I have been lucky to be loved by my family and friends all of my life.
I am so grateful.  My husband is without a doubt the love of
my life.  He is a wonderful person, and the center for sure of the love
I care about, and the love that powers our family.

I learned a lot about love when my mother died.  It was a sharp, painful
set of lessons, but despite the horrible loss, those lessons have made
my life happier than ever.  

#1.  You can never give out enough love to the people you love.
You can never say it enough, show it enough, overdo it.  Life really
is short, so let people know you care about them.  And I care about
you, and am grateful to you for your kindness and support.

#2.  Don't let people stay in your life who don't love you, and
care about you, or who are unkind to you, your family, or your
friends.  Once again life is short, and you deserve to be loved
while you're here.  

#3  Yes of course there are 100s of lessons -- but number 3 is
key -- love is everywhere.  Enjoy your love for the planet, and the
love you see around you.  Love is an enormous gift, 
and it's there for you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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