Monday, June 29, 2020

Thinking about my baby

The Life Changer
Black marker on drawing paper
11 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
This week is the week of Canada Day on July 1.  Fire crackers are
already going off in the neighbourhood at sunset.
People are putting up Happy Canada Day signs on
their lawns.  We're wondering where we put our flag, because
we'd like to hang it up.  The front of our house is already
white, with red shutters, (white and red are the colours of
the Canadian Flag), so we've got the theme going.

But for me Canada Day will always mean something infinitely
more important.  Because Canada Day was also the day I
went into the hospital because I was having labour pains.
I had my baby boy, Christopher, the next day.

This image is of a mother and child looking at one
another after the birth for the first time.  That mother
and child are me and Christopher.  Yes I wasn't always
blonde.  The drawing is far from perfect, but I think
it gets that shock, absolute love, and wonder on the
mother's face, and the shock of being in the world --
and "who are you? " on the baby's face.

And what a delight that baby, now a grown man, is in our

Happy Birthday Week Christopher.

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