Thursday, September 24, 2020


Flowers for you
acrylic on canvas
12 x 16 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

Today I visited my favourite florists for some flowers to give
to a friend. Our current situation makes celebrating someone’s
birthday difficult, and a good friend is having a birthday in a couple
of days. 

We thought we would sit out in her backyard, social distance from
one another and talk for a while, but when it was time to bring her
the flowers it started raining, and thundering, so that idea was out.  

She stood on her front porch holding the flowers, then put them
away and we talked for a few minutes. Now even getting to talk to
someone in that awkward way -- 10 feet away, my friend on her porch,
and me standing on her walk in my raincoat -- is 100 times better than
what happened when the virus began, when we didn’t get to talk to
anyone we didn't live with, in person at all.

I guess we are learning in all areas of life how to behave with this strange
set up. It seems vividly important to me that we continue to celebrate.
Here’s a bouquet I painted 10 years ago in February when I took in a present
bouquet delivered to my next door neighbour who wasn't home, so the flowers
would be protected from the winter weather.

In the few hours before my neighbour knocked on my door I painted the
arrangement.  Now it’s a source of celebration every time I see this image.

Wishing you a happy day, and your own unique way of celebrating. 

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