Monday, September 7, 2020

Enjoying the small things

Before the dance in the blue dress
15 x 22 inches 
Barbara Muir © 2008--2020

Thank you to Ms. Angela White for reminding me that we have to enjoy
everything that we can enjoy in this hard year 2020. She pointed out this
morning in her post on Instagram that we make our own history and that we
 have to determine what we are going to do, and not let this year go to waste.

Angela White is religious, and when I explained that I'm not, but I believe
in love, she was fine with that.

I was inspired by her today, and got up and went for a walk with Steven again
before my second coffee. If you're sick of hearing about my coffee needs, sorry
 but normally I have three before I'm vertical.

When I came home I started working on this portrait from the time when
I was doing the dance series Before the Dance. I found the painting a few
weeks ago, and didn’t have the nerve to fill in the parts that hadn’t been
done. Angela White made me see how silly that was, and I had some fun
working on it today.

I don’t work in watercolour much anymore, and don’t remember 
everything about how it works.  But it started coming back to me, and I
realized how much I love it. Watercolour requires a lot of stopping so that
parts of it can dry, and this could use some more work. 

When I was originally painting this piece I used a resistance product on
parts of it. Not all of it came off. Today I don’t care. For now this is
Before the dance in the blue dress.

Have a living the best possible life day.

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