Sunday, September 20, 2020

Early start

Peach paradise (work in progress)
Acrylic ink on a cradled birch panel
6 x 6inches
Barbara Muir © 2020 

I think I’m one of the luckiest people alive because in the morning my
sweet husband brings me coffee while I read in bed. The first coffee is in
a cup, and he knows which cup is my favourite. At exactly the right time
he comes back upstairs with the coffee pot, and a little cream jug of milk
and pours me that second cup. How perfect!

I have a feeling today will be about drawing, and then I will put a couple
of sketches here. Normally one of the last things I do in my day is write
my blog. Today I want to switch it up so hello to you here. I just watched
a video of one of my former students skydiving for his 25th birthday.
His girlfriend did it too, and they were both so incredibly happy that they'd
crossed that off their to do list.

That was so inspiring. I thought, 'what are the brave things I have to do today?'
And in comparison -- nothing. Sometimes it feels brave to make art. Especially
now when not a lot is going on in the art world. But today I am going to dive in.
Thank you Jerome (my student).

I did do a drawing, but I also started this painting in acrylic ink, which I'll
show you tonight. It is not quite finished, but I had so much fun painting it.
I did draw it first -- with acrylic ink, and then worked on it all afternoon.
I was painting in thin, transparent layers, to try and recreate the luminosity
of the peaches sitting in front of me.  So I kept letting the layers dry. 

Wishing you an amazing Monday, and energetic and fabulous week. 


Jerome Mangoagui said...

Thank you Barbara for your wonderful words! This means a lot to me! People like you encourage people like me to do better and never give up. I cant wait to see the final outcome of “Peach paradise”.

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Jerome!

People like you make people like me want to be encouraging! I hope the peaches last to help me
finish it. Tomorrow is a teaching day. And people like you inspire me with your courage, kindness,
and the joy you share with your girlfriend.

Talk soon,

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