Thursday, November 12, 2020

A breath of fresh air

Acrylic and silver leaf on canvas
24 x 36 inches
Barbara Muir © 2006

Looking through my posts from the past I found the photo of this portrait of
a little girl named Madeline who must be 23 now. I hope she is having a
wonderful life, and I’m sure she will be because her parents are happy, and kind,
and loved her very much. Thinking about the whole story of the portraits made
me feel hopeful.

Madeline’s painting was one of three portraits -- Madeline, and her sister, and
brother. The paintings were created to fit together in a line and look like the
three siblings were on a couch together. But when they grew up the idea was that
they would each have their own portrait.

The good thing about art is that we are always learning. I’d been experimenting a
lot at the time with 24 karat gold leaf, which I love.  But Madeline was wearing a
silver dress so I needed to use silver leaf. What I didn’t know was that silver leaf,
like silver spoons and cutlery, tarnishes.  So I had to go back and fix the painting
after it was finished, and seal it. It all worked out and everyone was happy.

I’m very grateful to Madeline’s parents for three wonderful commissions, and I feel
delighted looking at this one today.

Take care and have a good day. Stay safe, and stay healthy

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