Friday, November 27, 2020

Five good things

Untitled (Work in process)
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2020
(This painting is almost done.  I may take a new
photo tomorrow, because it's much brighter than this.)

Okay in the process of flipping the domino effect that I mentioned yesterday, I thought
I’d talk tonight about five good things. Every single happy occurrence that happens is
precious in these hard times.

1. We got to go grocery shopping at one of our favourite stores last night, and there
was no lineup even though we're in lockdown in Toronto. There were very few people in the
store and we were in and out in minutes. This is a big deal, and that made me happy.
Yes everyone was masked, and we were social distanced from everyone.

2. I had some marking to do for the one night a week course I teach, and I’m halfway
through the batch. That too is a big deal with the weekend coming up. I'll have more
time for painting. Yay!

3. I got to talk to a kind friend today who is an amazing artist, a wonderful sculptor,
and who was the director/curator of one of the most beautiful galleries I’ve ever shown
in. She is a delight to talk to, and I felt so happy at the end of the call.

4. Just as that sweet call was wrapping up a dear friend phoned who I hadn’t spoken
to more than twice in the last year since COVID-19 hit. She is not only a collector of
my work, but also one of the most joyful people I know. So we laughed about this and
that, and shared what’s going on with our families, and how we’re coping. I got off that
call feeling that I am very lucky.

5. And here's number five. I stepped away from my computer for a minute while writing
this, and my husband came home from the vegetable store near us where he was picking
up some vegetables for dinner, with a lovely surprise for me. Two dozen gorgeous yellow

Of course I could go on with this list, but this is pretty good isn’t it? Wishing you a day
filled with small miracles.

Have a joyous and creative weekend. Thank you!

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