Thursday, November 19, 2020

When everything clicks in life

Winter tea at the art gallery
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014

One of the things I find fascinating about human beings is when I meet someone
for the first time, and there’s an instant connection. I’m not religious, and
although friends tell me I’m spiritual, I think I am more practical, and more
interested in facts. But I am still stunned, and amazed by the mysteries
of social connection.

This is something that my artist friends and I have been talking about this week.
It's the part of our artistic life we miss so much.  That feeling when you talk
to another artist and there's instant understanding, humour, and new ideas!
There's the artist community -- the people you see regularly at portrait and
figure sessions in your artist groups -- not happening.  And there's that miraculous
 connection that happens when you're painting a portrait and you meet the subjects
 in person. Even if you go back to painting them using photographs, the in person
experience between you stays inside your brain and imagination, and makes the
work flow. Almost magically. 

Today after working late into the night last night, I was so happy to get a surprise
phone call from the wonderful artist Sharon McClurg, and then to have a great
conversation with the artist Flora Doehler in Nova Scotia. All of us who care
about creating artwork are experiencing this pandemic in a totally different way.  

I think what’s good about it is that we have to stay cheerful, and dig into our own
creativity in whatever way we can, to keep going. Because one day, that great big
show that we always wanted to be in is going to be out there, with live music, and
dancing, and champagne, and we are going to travel, and meet a whole bunch of
new wonderful artists and reunite with our amazing instant connection artist friends
who we've met along the way. I can’t wait for that day.

But I will.

Meanwhile please wear your mask, social distance, and enjoy every possible
connection you can have, in whatever way is safe and healthy. 

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