Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy American Thanksgiving to my American family and friends

Today has been a wonderful day I worked on a painting that I'd put away for
at least two months, and I think with a bit more patience and work I’ll be able
to finish it. That’s something that I couldn’t have imagined when I put it away.
I was going out to my car, planning to phone a friend before I headed out today,
and the friend walked up the street with her dog. That was lovely. We talked very
social distanced, and then walked as we used to last winter when COVID began
across the street from one another, and had a delightful outing.

I was very happy to be out as I was inside the house for two days prepping to teach,
and then teaching yesterday. So I am having a very grateful day, and I want to say
Happy American Thanksgiving to my family and friends in the United States. It’s a
good time to remember to be grateful for all that we have. I was thinking on my walk
home we need to be thankful for each small happy moment. I even felt grateful for
seeing the small brown leaves on the sidewalk -- beautifully shaped maple leaves.
But then I’m an artist, and we get excited by what we see. 

Have wonderful Thanksgiving. And for the rest of us let’s be grateful for what we’ve
got. I am so thankful for your work, your beautiful art, your kind desire to collect my
work, and your inspiring social media posts.

Thank you.

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