Thursday, October 6, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving weekend

You can't keep a good man down
Acrylic ink and acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2020

At this time of year I write about what I'm thankful for -- so
much. For instance right now I'm thankful for our kitten Monet,
who has just turned 1, who is having a bath on my studio chair.
And as always I'm thankful for my family and friends, who are
kind, loving, and funny. 

And the number one thing I'm thankful for over and over is the
wonderful man I'm married to, who is making dinner right now
as I write to you.

I wrote about him last Thanksgiving and I still feel the same way
I did last year about this wonderful man. That's impressive as we've
lived through another year of the pandemic (that's right it's still not gone.)
So here's some of what I said then:

"To begin my posts about what I'm thankful for.  Number One is my
darling husband.  He is a champion. And he's making dinner right now
as I write this.  My life has been so wonderful, even during this ongoing
pandemic, because I live with someone who loves me, and who I love.
I know that I'm lucky, and I'm posting this portrait I did of Steven in 2020. 

I was going to call the post "This guy!"  Because at least 
1,000 times a day on our best days I think  -- "Wow how lucky I am
to know this guy."  Like tonight when we went to the vegetable store
to pick up the vegetables Steven wanted to make dinner, and then dropped off
some documents my son needed, and then drove home late (this after
a long, hard work day).  I am lucky as all get out to have this guy.

I love Thanksgiving because it isn't about presents, and it's not about
religion. I am not religious. It's about recognizing what's good in your life.
In my case -- that is so much! And you are all people I'm grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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