Monday, October 24, 2022

To Paris and the Louvre for Daisy

Posing with Salvatore Russo
at the awards ceremony for the
International Prize Paris.
Thank you so much EA Editore
Steven van Schaik © 2022

Me with my image of the painting.
Steven and I wore T-shirts
with the image too.
So much fun.
Steven van Schaik © 2022

When I was invited to show at the Louvre virtually,
I thought seriously about which painting to choose. I
chose one of my favourite pieces, which is a portrait of
my mother in law, Christina Maria (also known as
Daisy) with her great granddaughter. 

The painting depicts the first time they met, and shows
the tenderness that Daisy felt for the baby. Daisy was
an amazing woman -- a devout catholic. At one
point she accompanied a severely disabled friend
to Lourdes, and carried her in her wheelchair up the
steps to worship.

I am not religious, but my mother-in-law and I connected
on the subject of art.  She was an artist too, and one of
the reasons I chose this work to display was to honour
her, and to give her spirit the chance to be part of a
major art show in Paris.

Daisy died just before I was in the last show I took part
in in Paris, The Carousel du Louvre Art Shopping in 2016.
She had multiple heart attacks, but somehow held on until
she'd seen all of her children (7) and told them that she loved them.

Have a loving your family day.

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