Friday, February 23, 2024

The Love continues

Catherine Scott
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 36 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

I am in Ottawa visiting family this weekend.  When I am here I feel
the presence of my mother and father, both no longer with us.
I found this post from a 2022, and it seems perfect for tonight:

"I could not talk about The Month of Love as an artist, without talking
about the paintings we artists create because they matter so much to either
the subject or the family.

I decided to quote myself today because I like my message from an 
earlier post in 2018.

"Love -- the lasting kind -- is a deep feeling, compelling,
nourishing, and rewarding. Some of my favourite portrait
commissions were created to add significance to the sitter's
life, and to capture who they really were.

In the case of my portrait of Catherine Scott -- one of
my favourites -- her friends wanted to fulfill her dream
of having a meaningful image of herself to live on and
represent her after her death.  She was dying of cancer.
I was honoured to be picked to paint her.

Detail from the portrait of
Catherine Scott showing her favourite earrings

She sat for me, and was so vital, funny, present --
that I really thought there was no way she would die.
Her portrait was the special gift her friends gave her
on what turned out to be her last birthday.

Every item she wore, every piece of jewelry, every
detail in the painting was to her specifications.  And
I was more than happy to make her happy.  She
was delightful to work with, and sat posing for me for
many sessions so that I could get it right.  I know
that tired her out, but she was a brave woman.

I was at the birthday party when her friends
unveiled the portrait, and that moment will
stay in my mind forever."

That was my blog.  I was moved by reading this
and remembered again what a special time this
was.  A student the other day asked me if it wasn't
easier to paint someone from a photo. I explained
that when you paint from someone posing for you,
their energy comes into the painting quite easily.
It happens with photos too, but it's different --
like having a conversation on Zoom, and
talking to someone in the same room.

Have a loving your memories day"

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