Friday, February 9, 2024

Working on joy and the whoop exercise

Artist Chu Okoli
with his hands in the air as 
part of the Happy People Group
at the 2015 Florence Biennale
And Chu won a prize in painting!
At the Biennale we modified the
exercise so we just held our
hands in the air.

The world can make you blue right now if you pay attention
to the news.  It feels like it's our responsibility to know and
care about what's happening, even though we feel powerless
to change it.  But it's also important to switch back to the
positive, and maybe never more critical to do so than in the
Month of Love.  

I saw people carrying flowers with hearts attached to them 
today, and was touched that some people are celebrating
Valentine's Day early, or like me they consider all of 
February The Month of Love.

I found this piece about the Whoop exercise today.
I learned it from Mike Dooley, and used to teach it to
my students in Positive Psych.  Plus we did part of if 
with the Happy People Group in the 2015 Florence

So here's part of the post:

"Here's the exercise.  I just tried it in the kitchen, and it does make
you feel fantastic:

Stand up (if you can), put your arms in the air, whoop
like you just had the best news in your whole life,
cover your face because you're so excited you can't
hold your joy in, whoop again with your hands over
your head, put your hands on your chest, shake your
head because you're so astounded with joy, and say
out loud, "You won't believe what's happened." 
As I said I learned this from Mike Dooley at 
and it is amazing what happens if you try this little
exercise once every so often.  Huge things happen,
wonderful things happen -- that's why I'm sharing it
with you.  (I got on the Oprah Winfrey show, invited
to show in Florence, Paris, New York!) My life has absolutely
taken off into a level of joy I couldn't have imagined since
I learned to do this.  No.  I'm not crazy, I'm the sanest person you
know.  And no my life isn't perfect.  People in my
family and intimate circle have serious health issues,
I do experience deep sorrow and loss, and even so...
Give it a try.

Have a feeling the joy day."

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