Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glad to be in my own home

It is snowing like you would not believe here --
and has been for three days. People standing in the
long Christmas lines are disgruntled, but Steven and
I are content. We found lights to give to one another --
ostensibly for our bedroom, but when we got them
home they are huge and swamp our tiny bedside tables.
Too funny. We haven't decided what to do about it yet,
but that's our main Christmas presents for each other,
and this makes us happy.

A House in London
Pentel marker on bond paper

Here's a drawing I did long ago of a house I lived in
in London Ontario, just after I finished university.
It is probably the grandest house I ever lived in, but
the poor thing was chopped into a bunch of low-rent
student apartments, and I don't have great memories
of it.

I like the drawing though -- it languishes in an old
sketchbook -- and is a great example of the kind of
drawing we were taught to do, in pen and ink mind
you at O.C.A.D.

Have a wonderful holiday. We are still not finished,
but getting close and then -- poof it's over.


Have a-wow-are-we-ever-lucky day.


Edgar said...

Hope your Christmas lights glow warmly, Barbara. I'm looking forward to a fresh start next year, and wishing you many days of art.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Edgar,

Thanks so much. Have a super happy Christmas yourself. I wish you a great new year in art.

Take care,


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