Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A wonderful year

What a lot has happened since last year. I'm not big
on change -- although in my work I'm probably
a change agent. But this year -- whew.

Baby Fiona
A gift in our lives

Just over a year ago we lost our beloved Simone.
She was a kind and loving Siamese blue point
cat. She died in surgery, and it was terribly
hard on us. My only answer to the grief was
another Siamese. So we got Fiona as a very small

She has been a delight from day one. She definitely
helped us all recover. Admittedly Timbah -- our
black cat has taken it the hardest.

Christmas last year was lovely -- we had Christopher and Megan
staying over. It was all the more special, because they
were hoping to go and teach in Korea, and we knew
they probably wouldn't be home for Christmas this year. In
fact that lucky pair are vacationing on a beach in Thailand.

Steven and me
Christmas 2007
Christopher had us laughing uncontrollably

Snow, snow and more snow
The winter of 2008

Megan and Christopher
get set to depart for England --
one of two trips they took
before heading out to Korea
to teach English

I was so nervous about them going, but I think their
work in Korea as teachers has been really great for
them -- letting them see and travel and work in
a completely different part of the world, and in turn
pulling that experience into our lives, and teaching
us about what they are seeing, thinking, learning.

This summer, we were so looking forward to our
trip to Nova Scotia. We were dreaming about our
1909 schoolhouse there that turns 100 in the new
year. But that wasn't to be. I broke my ankle one
week before we were due to leave -- and we just
couldn't figure out how to manage at a rustic old
building with an outhouse as a facility with me
on crutches.

Me on crutches
Six long weeks

The upshot of that was that we stayed home, and
I made many new friends through the blog. That
was a blessing I cannot even measure -- it has been
a priceless gift to me, connecting with all of you.

Steven saying goodbye to Sam
as he starts university --
and great new time in Sam's life

Then this fall Sam started university. Sam had been
such a wonderful child to live with, helpful, kind,
funny and hardworking. I was really dreading his
departure. Suddenly we were alone again. We
discovered that although we missed our kids, we
can still enjoy ourselves without them.

My fall show with ArtWalk went very well, and part
of it was because of the blog!

In terms of art, I don't think I've ever produced as
much work as I have this year. Reading other
people's blogs has made me feel immersed in the
subject in an exciting new way.

Most of what has been happening, you've read
with me all along. But I just want to say
thanks once again, to all of you, and to the
universe for the joyous bounty you've
brought into my life this year. Because of
you, and my family and friends everywhere
I will always remember 2008 as a special

In some ways everything has changed in
our lives, but what remains is our love
for each other, for our family, extended
family and friends, and for life -- and
that is what my art is all about.

Happy New Year !


Susan Carlin said...

What a wonderful retrospective of the last year in your life! I wish you every good thing in your year ahead.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much. I wish you the most wonderful year yet -- and I know you deserve it.


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