Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reading with heart

Reading with Heart
acrylic on canvas
8 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir 2010

My painting Reading with Heart is finally done and I dropped
off that painting, and my drawing of Oprah and her dog
Sadie, that I did before I drew Oprah via Skype for the
taping of her show in May. I am giving the drawing, which is
nicely framed, and the little painting Reading with Heart to
the Heartbeats for Africa art show, and auction that is being
held next weekend in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

When I learned that approximately 2 million people die of HIV/AIDS
in Africa every year, and that every three years that amounts
to the number of people who died in the Holocaust, I was
astounded and deeply saddened. I would like to be rich, and
to have millions of dollars to give to get the antiretroviral drugs
available in North America to everyone who needs them in Africa,
so that people with the disease could be treated and continue
to live instead of dying senselessly. So my little painting is
supposed to be tied in to Valentine's Day. The idea of Valentine's
Day linked to this sad world issue, is that on Valentine's Day
we give our love. So it makes me feel wonderful to know that
I've given my work, and work I treasure (my drawing of Oprah)
to a cause I believe in. I admire Stephen Lewis, and his passion
for trying to wake the world up to this grievous need. In my
mind Stephen Lewis is one of the true heroes on the planet,
although he is a completely kind, gracious and humble man.
He is a man who cannot turn away and pretend this disease
is not killing millions every year.

Have a thinking-about-how-you-can-help day.


Melinda said...

Congratulations on two works completed and beautifully done. What a worthy cause. I hope lots of people attend and bid high on your work.

I went to the website and wished that they had displayed the artwork up for auction. I think that would help draw people in.

It is always a privilege to give and be of service. One of my favorite organizations is Women to Women International. They also do a lot of work in African countries.

You'll be attending the event, yes?

Linny D. Vine said...

I agree about S L! YOur painting is lovely and full of love, Barbara! I love the big red heart!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Well the Oprah piece was a drawing I did to show her team that I could draw her last May. I had that drawing and the one from the show framed. So I'm keeping the show piece, and donating the other one.

No idea at this point if we're attending, but I'm fairly certain we'll be away.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linny,

I'm glad you like Stephen Lewis -- what a great man he is!

Glad you like the painting too.

Take care,


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