Saturday, June 5, 2010

And across the ocean in Paris -- Henriette Sonne

Buy Two Get one 1/2 price
12 paintings in 4 series
Each painting is approximately 12 x 12 inches
Henriette Sonne © 2010

Ta Da! Flourish of trumpets. My friend Henriette
Sonne has a show on at the Louvre this weekend.
She was invited to exhibit at the “Carrosel Du Louvre”
at the Louvre in Paris. The exhibition runs from the 5 - 6 of
June 2010.

When we talked the other night I told her that
I would write about her on Saturday.
She was painting energetically the other night
as the Norwegian sun barely set by midnight
(we talked on Skype from 10 until midnight her time)
crazy but we hadn't spoken for six months.

Back to the show at the Louvre. Is that cool or
what? I am devoting this space to her tonight.
This is the official explanation of her work:

"Her current series is about consumerism. It is a reflection of
how we purchase products generally. Consumers like a good
bargain and are often tempted by the offer of “buy two, get
one 1/2 price”. The artist Henriette Sonne reflects on why we
do this. We know that nobody is giving anything away for free.
The cut is either in the quality, or the price we think we save is
included in the first two and a 1/2 that we purchase.

Have we as consumers become victims of our own enthusiasm
or gullibility?'

To see more of Henriette's fabulous art click here.

It was another super day at our show here in
Toronto, but I'll write about that tomorrow

Have a getting-two-happy-moments-for-the-price-of-one day.


Karen Bruson said...

Wow. The Louvre? How impressive.

Barbara Muir said...

No kidding. And she has two small babies, one two and one just 1.
Whew. She works so hard, she's my constant inspiration. So are you!

Take care,


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