Monday, June 21, 2010

Cherry season

A handful of cherries
Stages 1,2,3, and 4
acrylic on canvas
8 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

It seems completely fitting to me that our cherry tree
is ripe on the first day of summer. I was lured outside
by the tree, spent what I thought was minutes
picking in partial shade and got a slight sunburn. I love
everything about cherry picking. Okay, maybe not
being up in the ladder. But the fruit is gorgeous --
red with a hint of peach on some. It stands out like
precious jewels against the green leaves.

I climb up on the ladder, grab a branch, pull it towards me
and take off each bright red cherry, then drop
my produce into a colander waiting on the ladder
shelf. The cherries ooze juice. They smell wonderful.
My hands and arms get sticky with picking and the
birds chatter to one another all around me, no
doubt describing my invasion into their territory.

I certainly wish I could fly at times like these -- get
up to the top of the tree where the cherries are all
ripe and ready for -- pie. Yum. Steven's cherry pie,
is the best on the planet (sorry Mom).

I started a little painting of the fruit in a small bowl.
It's not done yet, and I realize my last cherry
painting started with a red ground. So maybe that
will be tomorrow's task.

Tonight I sat at the kitchen table after dinner and
pitted the four cups necessary for a pie. Then we
hightailed it to the store for sugar and tapioca --
supplies you understand for the big pie baking
night tomorrow. Wish you were here to have
a piece (because I am on a diet!) -- oh and of
course because I'd like to see you and let you
have a slice of pure heaven --Steven's pie.

Have an-I'd-could-eat-a-whole-pie day.
P.S. If you check out some of my posts on
cherry pie from other years (hit the links in
this post) you'll notice that the cherries are
ripening at least two weeks early in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

Looking at your painting I could smell the ripe cherries and imagine Steven's cherry pie.


Linda Popple said...

A cherry tree in your back yard? How wonderful!!! Your description of picking the juicy, ripe cherries made me feel as though I was on a ladder next to you.

Nice painting and I know Steven's cherry pie is as good as years past!

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