Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can he make a cherry pie?

My mother used to sing a song, "Can she make a cherry pie
Billy boy, Billy boy." Well we've changed it to, "can he make
a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy? Can he make a cherry pie
charming Billy? He can make a cherry pie in the twinkling
of an eye, he's a young boy and cannot leave his mother."

Here's a site that gives you both the
entire song about Billy Boy, and the tune:

All this singing is in honour of the fact that Steven is an
amazing pie man. Yummmm. Today the 24 minutes that it
takes to pit four cups of cherries for one pie paid off. I came
home from seeing Sex and The City tonight with my friend,
Josephine and the smell of fresh baked cherry pie greeted
me at the door. I know this is an art blog, but this is the
life that fuels my joyous art. So forgive me. I worked on
a portrait commission for most of the day, but I can't show
that to you...yet. Soon. Tomorrow I'll work on another
painting so you can see something. Meanwhile I better jog on the spot. Oh pie.

Photo sequence:
1. Pick and pit four cups of cherries.
2. Live with someone who can get a pie together
3. Bake the pie and eat it. Know that
you are experiencing a slice of heaven
on earth.

Have a just-this-one -small-slice -- yeah-right day!

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