Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inside scoop on the studio scene

Young models relaxing between sittings

The other day I read the funniest advice on a professional portrait
painter's site. It talked about making wealthy clients feel
comfortable, by having your "rooms" and clothes tasteful and
as elegant as those the client is accustomed too.

I'm afraid this made me laugh. Some -- most -- of my clients
live in houses much more spacious and luxurious than my
semi-detached home.

Did I say that my living room and dining room have been
converted to a studio? The once pristine antique dining room table
is clotted with bits of acrylic paint, and even though I now cover
the table with cerelux plastic, the damage was done long ago.

I have a friend with an official studio and a still clean living
room and dining room, who talks about creeping acrylic.
This is a common problem in artists' homes. Despite every effort
to make sure the paint doesn't invade the rest of the house, it does.

My friend Pam in California taught me that you remove acrylic
with rubbing alcohol. Now and then when the mood hits I try to
get some of the marks off the floors and walls.

So far my clients seem to enjoy the informality of my setting.
They like the cats, the dog and the cookies. They don't mind the
family traipsing through from occasionally. Having your
portrait painted is a a daunting proposal. Running a relaxed
studio makes both sitters for commissions and paid models
happier. There's my tip.

Reading before the dance
acrylic on canvas
36" x 48"
For Sale
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Have a keeping the company happy day!

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