Thursday, July 10, 2008

The power of the positive

Since I broke my ankle, it really hurts. Getting back to my positive
nature has been especially challenging because this event means we
can't go to the ocean this summer. Talk about an adjustment in thinking.
But I'm working on it. I did a bit of painting today, but I have to
figure out how to work with my leg elevated, and how to elevate
my foot comfortably.

People paint with far worse afflictions than
my temporary state.

I took my photo today and it's blurry, but you can see I'm coming
back to normal.

I wrote a Mike Dooley type message on my cast to remind myself
of what matters, and the coloured pencil drawing is one I did many
years ago when Sam was a baby. It's framed and under glass. We
started going out east the summer we rented a cottage on P.E.I. and
Sam, who was nine months old spent five weeks on the beach
eating seaweed. This drawing is beside my bed so now that I'm
spending more time with my feet up I see it quite a bit.

Have an enjoy-walking day.


flo said...

poop! I was sooo looking forward to you coming! a word of advice: I too broke my ankle in a pot hole one February. had to go to T.O. about a week later and wore the cast out during the 4 days there, walking everywhere, through galleries, to the top of the Royal Alex, and subways. (I was nuts to do it but had a friend along who helped with luggage). when I got back, my endurance was vastly improved and I got a new fiberglass walking cast. made all the difference in the world - light and pretty well indestructible, and it meant I could stop using the crutches sooner.
so come anyway!!!!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Norene,

I meant to write you in the next few
days. I'm not allowed to put weight on the cast. Steven wants to come
out in my Reading Weak when I should
be walking (October 20). If we do
we'll need info about where to stay and so on.

Outhouses across fields and crutches
don't mix well. Give my love to the schoolhouse when you drive by,
and to the Café.

Miss you big time.


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