Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My magical family

Tonight I'm thinking about family, and remembered
the portrait of my family I did a few years ago to hang over
the dining room table.

Family Portrait
36" x 48'
acrylic on canvas
Not for sale

The dining room now serves a dual function, and except for parties
and special dinners is usually my studio -- but it can still dress
up when asked. I originally intended to add a photo collage to
each person in the family, but that proved to be too political.
Which photos should I use and where should I put them?
I started the project, included the photos I thought were
okay, and the painting remains in this state.

At the time my big questions were about where to place
each family member to let them know they mattered.
Now I can't tell you which decisions lead to the current
configuration. I really like the painting -- I love its
loose style, and how it captures how we all looked a few
years ago -- left to right: Sam, Christopher, Me and Steven.

I've been talking with my son Christopher, in Korea, on Skype --
such a strange sensation and yet so wonderful. I
snapped this picture while I talked to him. It was
morning there, and you can't see him too well --
but that's how we have our conversations now --
face to face over computer screens. In many ways
it seems like magic.

Christopher in Korea
Thursday Morning,
July 24,
Korean Time

Have a loving your family night.

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