Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturdays are super

Pansies on the kitchen table

It's been a great day. My wonderful friend Susan called to
suggest we go to the Tony Robbins event at the end of
the month -- but just to one day -- so I have to investigate.
I watched the fans in a number of Tony Robbins You Tube
videos jumping and screaming, and although I am
getting amazingly strong I won't be jumping at the end of
this month -- I'll still be on crutches. I did dance to Feist
in the kitchen on my crutches today, but I find that one
dancing foot gets tired when the other one can't join in.

I was so pumped just at the idea of seeing Tony live,
that I felt happy all day. I love the Saturday relaxed feeling.
I read the Style section of the Globe while I drink my coffee
in bed with my novel close by in case I needed more reading
material. Suzanne called and we laughed, then Caitlin -- one
of the wonderful young women who sometimes works for
me came by and helped me pick the pansies. She set
up my wheelchair in the garden and I zoomed out (funny)
on my crutches while she picked the nasturtiums and
deadheaded the lovely pink lilies. Then we
hoofed it back inside, where she ate a slice
of Steven's apple pie, while I had an apple, and we
went upstairs to my computer to see if she could
figure out the Mac web designer program.

Her sunny nature, and quick wit make her a
total pleasure to have around.

Steven, Sam and I had dinner on the back porch while
the rain came down all around us, and then it was
time for TV movies and now bed.

The Yellow Pail
22" x 30"

I'm including a watercolour from ages ago that
I did from a black and white photo of Steven's
brother as a child. I like the way it caught the
sunlight -- my obsession when I painted it.

It is summer.

Have a happy-to-be-hot-and-sticky day.

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