Sunday, July 13, 2008

A fine kettle of fish

The cast party was interrupted for most of the day, today when Steven fainted in the upstairs hall this morning, and we weren't sure if he was hurt or not. Another trip to emergency, our third in one week. It was as the title suggests not the way we'd want to spend a beautiful Sunday in July. I was thanking my lucky
stars that we live in Canada and all of this was free. We've been to the
hospital now more times in a week, than in our entire marriage -- not
counting the two births. Whew.

But we want to thank the EMS Paramedics, Susan and Brian
who were so kind and caring to us, Dr. MacDonald who gave
Steven the all clear, Josephine and Luigi who helped
us out big time. Steven's brother John bought Thai take out, and in
the end we celebrated that all of us are fine. Steven's brother Dave
and his son Andy, dropped in with a delicious dessert. True I've got a
broken ankle, but I'm getting better and the rest of the family is sleeping

Maybe you remember this painting from the first images I showed you. I worked on it tonight. It's not quite done. The jar with the teabags needs to be completed, and the background needs something. The kettle is almost finished, and I'm happy with how it's coming along.

Tomorrow I'll get back to working on my commission.

Have a take-it-easy day.


Shawna said...

i love the blue kettle. in fact, i scrolled down and saw several pieces you have done, and i loved them all! especially the portraits with the vibrant colors. do you use oils or acrylics?

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Shawna,

I use acrylics. I'm glad you like
my work -- especially my portraits.
I appreciate your observations.

Take care,


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