Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How do you like them apples?

Not to bore you with the apple theme, but once again I worked
on my little apple painting. Steven and I went up to Seneca College
in King City today and the drive was lovely. In places wildflowers
bordered the road, in whites, mauves and yellow. Outside a farmhouse
high pink hollyhocks stood in translucent beauty shot through with

Above you see how the apples (cooking not eating apples)
are supposed to look when they're ripe -- big and yellow.
One year the tree was so late flowering, that the fruit was late
and missed the demon worms. This year some of the fruit is
yellow, but most is about two days shy of this perfection,
and we're using it now.

Wonderful Caitlin, who used to help me out a lot in
the summer, has been over working for me tonight and
teaching me some new ideas about how to manage my blog.
Thanks to her anyone can now comment on my blog. So
please do. You no longer have to be a Blogger member to

I'll show you the next stage of the little apple painting
from yesterday, with some detail added in on the china.
I'm not finished yet, but I'll keep you up to date. I like the
bold shapes of the apples, and the leaf like a flag, contrasted
against the complicated pattern on the china

Have an enjoying-the-details day!


Anonymous said...

Barbara, your apple photo is cropped like it was one of your paintings! I am so impressed that you can harvest 2 fruit crops out of your urban backyard!
The colours in the painting are gorgeous.
I'm working on a Hollyhock painting and I think it's time I cracked open the turquoise blue too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Barbara Muir said...

Hey Flora,

You are amazing. I love Hollyhocks.
I think they're a biennial, and I never figured out how to grow them.
Plus that year off makes me crazy -- I want them every year!


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