Sunday, July 20, 2008

Painting for pleasure

Our baby apple tree in September 2003

This little apples in a bowl painting is almost done. The nice
thing about writing the blog, is that my artist friends
write me and ask me questions about what I'm doing.
One question last week about gel medium made me
realize it was the answer to this painting. I added some gel
to my apple green, and a smidgen of white, which thickened it
enough to stop the rough watercolour feeling I was getting
with the green.

Starting the painting

Working on the bowl and more detail

How do I like them apples? Now I like them.

Green Apples in a Bowl
acrylic on canvas
7" x 9"
For Sale

It's been a rainy day, making it easy to do just about
nothing. We watched Dana Carvey on HBO, and sat on
the back porch loving the rain and feeling happy
about having a covered deck (a porch). A few
other houses in the neighbourhood have porches
too, and you could hear those people having fun.
Everyone else was enjoying summer inside today.

I worked on my painting tonight, and expect to
paint most of the day tomorrow. But I'd really
like some sun, because rainy pavement is risky for
people on crutches and I want to go outside -- right

Have a walking-proud day.


Anonymous said...

Your apple painting is beautiful! I love the colours and the contrast....that green and blue look so good together.
Last summer Larry and I stayed home to get the house ready for sale. It was the first summer in years that we hadn't gone away. What was most wonderful about it was that we got to really enjoy and use our lovely little garden ALL THE TIME. Weekends were pretty peaceful as many neighbours left for their holidays. I have such good memories of sitting outside eating, talking and watching the sun shadows on the plants.
Now we have a big porch to sit on and I'll think of you and Steven on your porch the next time I'm there!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Flora,

We're just starting to get into
the whole thing because I'm feeling
a lot better and more mobile

I'm glad you like the painting.
I have to hold myself back from sticking some red in it.

That's just me.

We're thinking of you too. Steven's tempted to pack me up and
take me out there!


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