Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The point of place

This has been an exceptional year for travel for
me, and I sometimes feel that I could make my
home anywhere. But I've lived in Toronto my
whole adult life, and in this house since before
Sam was born.

A gorgeous garden on Bernard Avenue in Toronto that we pass
on our way to buy flowers every weekend.

Tonight I have been getting organized to hang
the show I'm having with Gill Cameron tomorrow.
So sorry there hasn't been time to paint anything
but edges.

Speaking of home. Many Canadian artists paint the
edges of their canvasses and hang them on the wall.
I've noticed that artists in the southern states favour
big gold frames. When I was a watercolour painter
I framed in gold, and still like the look of those frames.
In California a friend told me, they do not
paint their edges, because they want to see the
painting process. If they frame, they frame in
bleached wood she says. Here most frames are
made of painted black wood for oil and acrylic.

The park a short walk from my house -- such
a wonderful place. Steven and I used to
ride our bikes to this park when we first
met. We walked our son Christopher through the
park as a baby in his pram, and Sam through
the park in his stroller. We've had family picnics,
community picnics, and many, many walks in
this glorious space.

But I'm wandering. It's time to call it a day.Today's photos
are some of the delights of the city I call home --Toronto.

Looking for inspiration? How's this for magnificent.
Zoey and I came upon this stand of wild Irises in
the marshes in the ravine the other evening. I was
transfixed. So yes this is my home -- Toronto.

Have a making-your-home-where-you-are day.


Nicki said...

You have so much inspiration around you, no wonder your work is always filled with such vibrant colour and energy. Toronto is a special city.

Good luck with your show!


laura said...

A "city" with such scenes is a special place indeed. I hope to get there.
You've inspired me yet again--I will go out today and photograph my little town!

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of the park, with it's stretched out shadows, and the little dog running willy nilly across it. Toronto's a beautiful city,lots to enjoy. I wish both of you artists a successful show!

Linda Popple said...

The photos are great and as is always, you are an inspiration!

Good luck with your show!!

Liza Hirst said...

You really transport your love for your home city! Beautiful, and I hope to be able to visit you there one of these days. Good luck with your show tomorrow (you amazingly busy woman!!!).

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