Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A blessed feeling

Thank you for a superb year to everyone.  To my family,
friends and neighbours who are sweet to me and support
my art -- thank you so much.  To the wonderful friends
I've met at events in Florence and New York City, thank
you for all that you've taught me. To the blog world friends
who have changed my life, and encourage me on a daily
basis, thank you for everything; I wish everyone wonderful
creative times in the New Year. To my gallery in New York,
and to the galleries I'm taking part in, in Ontario, thank you.
To my fellow teachers and the staff at school where I teach
part time, thank you for giving me fascinating work, and for
your kindness and humour that make an always
worthwhile, sometimes difficult job even more meaningful.

It's been a great year -- joyous in the main, with lots of adventure.
Looking back on the artist I was a year ago, I think I've learned
a lot.  I don't mean about technique, or style, but a lot about
the lives of others, about parts of the world.  And this learning
has been a rewarding discovery.  To my friend, and fellow artist
Gill Cameron, who is currently in Tanzania volunteering her
time teaching school at the elementary level, the merriest
of Christmases, and a very Happy New Year.

Thank you all for helping me to be happy.  You mean the
world to me.

Have a-getting-ready-for-a-great-year day.


Melinda said...

Dear Barbara,
It's been a pleasure visiting your blog, reading your thoughts, and in sharing the prospect of making the world a more connected and friendlier place.

It's been a blessing to be blogging with you and talking about art.

Looking forward to a better new year!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

I must have been very tired when I wrote the first comment, please forgive me. I saw I'd spelled your name wrong. Ach. I'm running around getting ready for a New Year's party. I do feel so incredibly grateful for your blog and your beautiful paintings, which are always an inspiration. Plus you direct me to such amazing artists, shows and films. Your work is exceptional, and speaking of women artists, I am sure you will
be recognized as one of the greats in the coming year. Happy New Year.


Linny D. Vine said...

Right back atcha with a bunch of joy bouncing back to you, too! (Thank-you for sharing your facinating fam story.)

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