Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The tree comes into the studio

 What a beautiful tree!

My studio is in our former living room/dining room.
At certain times of year (like right now) the room has
to revert (for the most part) to its other use.  And the
only possible room in the house to put up a Christmas
tree -- especially a huge, magnificent Fraser fir like this
year's tree, is our living room.

For the past week whenever I've had a minute I've been
moving the big paintings around, Steven's been putting new
hooks up in the rest of the house so we could clear
a space, and protect the paintings that have been living in
that corner of the studio.

Success.  The tree is in, the lights are on, and tomorrow
perhaps my family will add the decorations that make
a beautiful tree like this one, even more spectacular.

If you are wondering how the Christmas shopping is
going, it has not really begun.  School finished for me
last night, and I am still working on commissions.  So..
watch out stores, in the hours allotted to me on Thursday
and Friday I will be shopping.

I may not be able to show you any work for the next few days
but I'll keep in touch.
Zoey in the garden in her new winter coat
She wants you to know it is mighty cold out,
and her feet are going numb.

Happy Holidays to everyone.  It is a lovely time of year.
And to James Langston in Florida.  Yes you have warm,
lovely weather, but you can't corner the market on warm
hearts. Canadians are a mighty friendly bunch too.
Today on the news one of our politicians said that Santa
Claus is Canadian. So there you go -- eh.  

Have an enjoying wherever you live day,


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara! Merry Christmas to you, it is a magnificent tree!! How wonderful to have it glowing away in your studio. Tomorrow is my turn to get the tree up too!

Flora said...

Barbara, your tree is beautiful! You inspired me to get out the decorations and to put up lights.
That is some wonderful fragrance you'll have in the studio!
Good luck with the shopping. Take your ipod and play soothing music!
xoox Flora

Melinda said...

Oh, I am so happy for you and your dear family! You have a most excellent tree and I'm sure you will have a truly memorable and warm celebration. Those warm Canadian hearts just can't be cooled.

Thank you so much for sharing the eclipse photos. They were incredible!
I couldn't stay up. Baaah!

I love Zoey's coat. Wish I could give her a big hug. She is adorable.

Wishing you and yours all the best. Next year will be much, much better!

Liza Hirst said...

Very beautiful tree! We don't have one this year, but I did buy a few red Christmas baubles, replacing our
traditional ornaments that we left at home and arranged them all together on a big orange platter with candles. Nothing compared to your tree but at least it added a bit of Christmas festivity to our momentary living space. Can't go without....

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