Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun with design and Love to the curmudgeons

This past week in the middle of handing out
chocolates and cards, having a whale of a
time I ran into the odd curmudgeon.  Almost
everyone was wonderful -- but then there
are the Valentine's Day haters.  I send them love.

Something pretty bad has to happen to make
you leery of a day that's about love.  Plus
love begets love, simple but true. 

I grew up in a household of strict, fairly
cautious, and frugal parents.  But on
Valentine's Day -- my mother, scrimping
to take care of a family of four children
and two adults, essentially on a housewife's
allowance -- made fudge.

And believe me to come to the breakfast
table (a feature non-existent in my own
family -- not morning gatherers), and
to see a white package with a red heart
drawn on set my heart beating faster.

Inside was the most delicious chocolate
fudge, that my mother had carefully
made the day before and cut in neat
blocks to give one generous slab
to each of us. 

The result has been that I have loved
that day through good and bad times,
long before I met the love of my life.

So here's a little fooling around with
design to honour love, the big day,
my loving family, my mother who
taught me to care, and my sweetheart.
I might work on it a bit more -- it's not
perfect.  But the message is there!

Have a great day tomorrow.

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