Monday, February 16, 2015

Train of thought

Pansies can dream
Black marker and Caran D'Ache watercolour crayon
on Moleskine paper
3 1/2  x 4 1/2 inches
Barbara Muir © 2015
I spent most of the weekend on the train.  I
was travelling in search of inspiration and
got it in the long, slow rumble of the train
ride between Toronto and Montreal and back

One of the things I thought about in those
hours of travel came back to me tonight
when I wanted a quick sketch to think
about spring. Recently a friend told me
 how she painted on planes.  She
uses Caran D'Ache watercolour crayons
and a Q-tip.  Tried that out tonight to
draw and paint these pansies.  'Soon!' I
keep saying, like the long, slow
train ride through 40 degrees below landscapes
thick with snow.  Soon it will be spring.

Today is family day in Ontario, and
I spent it with my little family doing not
much of anything.  It was really good to be

Have a keeping-your-train-of-thought day.


Unknown said...

wow I have missed a bunch of your posts and you've been painting and posting a lot this week! I love your cloud paintings that you are working on, there is something so timeless about cloud paintings. You are right the whole agonizing over art is such a waste of time...just get painting and see what happens. great advice. beautiful pansy watercolour sketch too, great idea for painting while travelling especially. have a great week. Thanks for all your uplifting posts and comments.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thank you so much. Apparently we all do it. But then I think maybe everyone in every job does it. We're lucky that at the end of the agonizing there is work produced. Good for us. Love your work!


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