Sunday, February 22, 2015

The happy artist on Sunday

 Untitled (work in process)
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 inches
Barbara Muir © 2015 
(I try to get the whole painting
to the same place at the same time,
then move on to the next stage.  Not
quite finished this stage, but very happy
so far).
So it's cold -- so cold we had to thaw out
our laundry room pipes.  So cold we tell
"how cold is it?" jokes.  But meanwhile
I planted a large beautiful bowl with mini
daffodils today, and it looks like a small

Plus I worked on this painting, which
reminded me the whole time I worked on
it of that delicious meal -- of the waiter
who was so gracious and polite, of the
porringer for the oatmeal, of the sweet
anticipation of morning. 

And I thought about still life, and how
sensual it is for me.  How these small
images of the moments of our lives
shimmer in memory when we work
on recording not just how it looked, but
the feeling of delight we had being there.

I think that is part of the pleasure of a
static image in a world of constantly
moving images.  We can stop for a minute.
Maybe grab a coffee, eat a blackberry,
have some toast and marmalade, smile
at one another with sheer overwhelming
pleasure in the magnificence of life.

Have a slowing-down-to-see day.


Linda said...

Hi Barbara,

This is fantastic. I took art for one year in school and just didn't have the knack for it, but you most certainly do and thank you so much for sharing. Thanks, as well, for your kind comment on my blog post in reference to my osteoarthritis. Thankfully I don't get too much pain and am not on any medication...well, not for the arthritis. :)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much. I believe everyone has the knack for art, but good teachers make all the difference. I've seen so many people just start painting after a whole adult life waiting. I'm sorry you have any pain at all.

Take care,


Unknown said...

looking great Barbara! and nice story about your travels and memories too

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Sally,

I hope you have a great time in New York, and that it's warmer than here. Anyway taxis are inexpensive and everywhere.


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