Sunday, May 29, 2016

Art and the beach save the terrible, truly bad, day.

Drawing for a painting I'm thinking about
Work in progress (more as I do more)
Charcoal on bond paper
14 x 18 inches
Barbara Muir © 2016
If you are the labeling kind of person, and
I can be, this was a pretty bad day.
My title references a children's book I
read to my kids: Alexander and the Terrible,
Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

1.When I was making my breakfast, and about to serve
it, I knocked the pot off the counter getting my
bowl down from the cupboard, and covered the
kitchen floor with oatmeal.  (Okay the dog
had a go at it, and Steven helped me clean it up,
and I made more oatmeal -- problem solved.) I
An arrangement of stones left close to the water's edge
2. I was trying to make a Facebook photo album,
spent about an hour on it, and was putting the
last photo in, when the computer froze, and no
matter what I tried would not let me do a thing.
I stayed calm, and decided to stop.

3. Unloading the dishwasher while my eggs cooked for
lunch,  I stacked a set of glass containers on the counter
getting ready to put them away when. SMASH!  They fell
on the floor, and exploded sending flying glass all over
the kitchen, plus several of the tiny shards shot into
my legs, and one foot. Freak out.  Yes.  Broken glass is
incredibly upsetting when you have three animals underfoot,
and you have bleeding cuts!  After I cleaned up the bigger
 pieces all over the room (that glass flew easily 10 feet), Steven
helped me clean my wounds, got the vacuum for me, and I soldiered

4.  At this point I could have given up, but Steven
suggested getting out of here (Oh fabulous idea!).
Did I mention that it was incredibly hot today?
Hot, sticky and unpleasant.  So we drove
down to Lake Ontario, and guess what it was
cool enough there that I could wear a jacket.
After my multiple messes I felt so happy seeing people
relaxing, playing ball, and picnicking. Couples
snuggled on blankets, and kissed on the benches under
the trees.
Pieces of brick gathered and arranged  next to a stick
5. But best of all as we walked along the shore
searching for treasure like little children, I saw art
-- little collections of stones arranged in an artistic way.
Those gestures of creativity made me completely happy,
and when we left the beach I felt uplifted.
Steven and I say, "open your hands and close
your eyes," and then put the treasure we've
gathered into each others' hands.  Done.
I even found a piece of the rarest treasure --blue
glass. (Ironically most of our finds are pieces of

Tonight I started this drawing in preparation for
a painting I'm thinking of.  I'll show you more
as I get farther along.  Meanwhile stay happy.

Have a getting through to the art day. 
Check out the links to sites I could have
used in the midst of this saga.


Steven said...

Oh, come-on, it wasn't that bad. First of all, it was the weekend. Can't beat that, and the weather was awesome, so bonus. Now ...
1) you know what they say, don't cry over spilled porridge, especially when you have a dog with a middle name of Hoover;
2) computer freezing, you did the right thing, stay calm and ... TAKE IT TO THE MAN!
3) exploding glass, yeah, that was pretty scary, but hey, you have great legs!
I like your sketch, Love you,

Barbara Muir said...

Okay. I think this is why people get married Steven, to
get an alternative point of view. The weekend is a great
thing, high heat and humidity -- really not wonderful
for arctic women from Ottawa, and thank you for the
kind compliment. You were a force for cheer through
it all. ;-)


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing your day's catastrophies. Doesn't sound like fun at all, but Steven is right it never seems so bad once it's written down. Not to take away from the drama, but it is comforting to know there is always someone else who is having a worse one! It was nice to hear that all was saved by your walk along the beach and finding art. Nice sketch, have fun with the painting, and hope the smasheroo's leave off! ha ha.

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Sally,

Sorry I missed your comment until now. I've been getting
ready to teach, and we're cleaning out our garage. Or
Steven is ;-) so I've been distracted. Hope all is well
with you.


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