Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Okay New York -- show us some more!

Lynx Alexander, or Alexander Lynx at the MoMA
(Museum of Modern Art), New York City last Sunday
Our second day started out with an agonizingly long
meeting guaranteeing a better deal in the hotel,
so we went for it.  But whew, afterwards walked out
into the cold May air and straight to Rockefeller
Square for lunch.  We were served by a tall,
handsome young waiter who reminded us of our
son Sam, and sure enough the waiter is an actor
in his other life.  His sense of humour, and kind
manner put us back in the groove.

At the MoMA before we took the elevator to a
spectacular show of Degas monoprints and drawings
we met the man shown above in the lobby.

I was of course delighted by his tie curling
up in sculptural defiance of the rule of ties, so I asked
him how he did it, and he explained his method (wire
and resin). But his art he said with no fanfare
whatsoever was about painting pianos.  That
is perhaps the understatement of the year, as I found
out when I researched him later.  Lynx Alexander,
or Alexander Lynx is the Steinway artist in residence
and has painted some very famous pianos indeed.
Click the link above to see an incredible video of
Lynx painting Steinways. 

The Degas show -- Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty
 is a must see -- with pastel drawings and monoprints I've
 never seen before. This is one of my favorite pieces in the

Two studies for music hall singers, 
(Deux études pour chanteuses de
café-concert) circa 1878 - 80
Pastel and charcoal on gray paper
Edgar Degas

 I love the quote from Degas and the explanation
displayed with this work too.  Something we artists
can no doubt agree with wholeheartedly.

And no matter what's happening I can't leave the MoMA without seeing
the Monet Water Lilies paintings.

  Have a getting out to see some art and artists day.


Unknown said...

wonderful! fun to hear about your trip, and the Steinway piano painting, is amazing!!! what a fabulous idea for a company to offer a residency for this artist.

verna vogel said...

LOVE the video of Alexander Lynx painting the pianos !!! Now there is a guy with a cool job as well as a cool tie. :) Also the Degas work & quote - Degas remains one of my favourite artists, since I discovered his work in college.

I very much enjoy how you describe your adventures, you have such a lovely open and curious mind and a kind heart, which brings many good things your way. Thanks as always for sharing!


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much. Isn't it wonderful Sally. He has painted pianos for some
super great musicians. So great to watch.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Thank you so much. Yes Alexander Lynx is amazing. Those ties,
if you look him up he always wears them -- all different ones.
And the job is cool, but I'd be terrified to touch that
beautiful surface with paint. Wow! I'm glad the blog world
brought you my way. I thought of you so often in New York.


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