Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New York!

In the same building as the Amsterdam Whitney was a gorgeous
gallery space -- clearly ready to be rented -- it made Steven
and me think of my Toronto curator, and friend Daniel Anaka,
and how much he would enjoy New York.

The night before the opening we met artist Wendy Barrett
for drinks and dinner.  Wendy was in New York
visiting from Australia and I got a picture
with Wendy and with her wonderful book which
details how she worked on being creative for an entire year
no matter how difficult her circumstances were .

Here I am with Wendy
and below with her book Grabbing The Muse by The Throat
a great read for artists.
 Me with artist Denton Burrows on West 25th Ave. NYC
Denton Burrows is a great guy and he explained
all of the types of paint and ink he uses to create these murals.
(acrylic spray paint, and a huge ink marker for the dots
he's applying in the photo below)

Okay.  If you haven't been, maybe you wouldn't like
visiting New York, but I love it to a degree that is astonishing.
After my opening on Saturday, I walked out the door on
West 25th street to see this!
Around the corner -- we went into the Pace Gallery to take in an incredible
David Hockney show of images taken from his iPad:

One of David Hockney's Yosemite Suite series
iPad drawings printed very large on large pieces
of paper pieced together to make a huge image.

Here's another image from David Hockney's Yosemite Suite 
series to give you an idea of the size.  I'm a 
huge fan of David Hockney, and was delighted
to get to see this work.

 I'll add more to this tomorrow, but in the meantime, book your flights
and hotel so we can all get together in NYC!


Linda Popple said...

I LOVE New York, too! There is so much to see and do .... or do nothing but people watch. It's all good! Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Verna Vogel said...

Sounds like such a wonderful trip! I really love the Hockney ipad stuff. And that mural is pretty amazing too.

And the gallery space - which you look good in! Now all it needs is some of your paintings :)


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linda,

I so love it, and I'm glad you feel that way. I love people watching too, and back in Toronto which usually seems so noisy, it feels incredibly quiet. I even love the sound of sirens and taxis and the buzz that never ends! Love your work.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Thank you so much. I loved the space just because it was vast and empty, but I plan to stay with my gallery, and they're moving to the first floor -- which no matter what the size is, is huge! Thinking of going back in the fall with new work. I might write more about the trip today, each day is so saturated with experiences. Dense, like a drawing all folded up that you keep unfolding and unfolding, and there is just more and more and more and it's all amazing.

Love your work.


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