Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Have fun sometimes. Why not?

House in the wind
Acrylic and ink on bond paper
12 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017
I drew this little drawing tonight because I missed making
art.  I've been sick for the past couple of days.  I saw this
palette paper with a swirl of sky blue paint.  And looked
at a photo of the perfect Toronto house (there is a little
tree I didn't get time for.  The mood hit late in the day).
And thought what if I drew the house on the blue?
Then the car was there, and I just received a gold calligraphy
pen in a Sketchbox box, so there you go.

What is funny is that this little house, which is painted
the grey so popular in Toronto now, is probably worth
2 million dollars Canadian simply because it's on a nice
street downtown, and unattached, and despite the
vicissitudes of my drawing -- in good shape.  The strange
shape on the chair is a coat it seems.

This was fun, and my swirl of paint could symbolize
the strange times we're entering, or the fierce wind

Have a having-fun-day.


Carol said...

Get better soon! Wicked colds about, I've had my cough since Boxing Day.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Carol Berry,

Feeling a bit better. Cough syrup helps. Got out of the house today.
It felt like a miracle.


verna vogel said...

This is just lovely. <3

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Verna. I kept going. I liked it too. But I'm trying to blog
more, and there is was begging for a bit more colour. Or even to be
finished. They do that, as you know.


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