Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The best news! Dream Selfie comes home and goes to her new owner!

Dream Selfie -- Wonder Water Image #7
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches

Barbara Muir © 2016

The story of art, making it, showing it, selling it --
is complicated.  I've been so lucky in the past few
years to be invited to show internationally.  The shows
in Paris (twice 2015, and 2016) in the Louvre were beyond
exciting.  Just being in Paris -- all by itself -- makes my
heart race, with the thrill of it all. And to show in the
Louvre -- amazing.

Showing in the Florence Biennale, in Italy is the same -- a huge
exhibition space in the city that feels like it's the center of
the birth of Western art.  And wonderful artists exhibit in
that show from all over the world.

The back story, aside from creating work you hope will
appeal to the audience in an entirely different world from
your own is a big one.  You need to figure out packaging
that will protect your work, and the best shipping options.
The process requires so many people to advise you,
help you, and do the necessary prep work, to both send it,
hang it, and bring it home.

This painting, which is one of my works at the top of my list of
favourites was carefully packed by the kind and brilliant people
at De Serres art store in Toronto, and packed again, with the
first perfect box going into a larger one with hard foam
protection by Mehrdad at UPS, then flew to Italy to Palermo,
where the careful work of Emanule Pirrone at EA Editore Gallery
helped the painting go to Paris and the Louvre, and back to Palermo
after the Carrousel du Louvre show, then out of Italy via
Leipzig and Frankfurt, Germany, then home to Toronto and
eventually into the home of the new owner.  Who is -- the
outstanding author, and model for the piece, Regan Daley.

For me as the artist the happy news is that the curators in Paris
loved it, the collectors who bought it for Regan (her family)
loved it.  And I fervently hope that Regan will love it,
and all of the above is the best news!

Having a getting-the-best-news day!

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